Change Management


Why change-management communication strengthens businesses

Change can be a scary thing for lots of people.

The thought of new processes, programs, strategic directions or restructures sends them into a negative spin.

Change should not scare people - subconsciously we all know that. But it does - because it threatens our existence as we know it. 


 Immediately the questions begin: 

  • why are we doing this?
  • what does it mean for me?
  • will it affect my job security?
  • will I have to learn new technology?
  • is this change for the sake of change?

 The questions continue and if they are not answered, people's defences go up. 

Baring their teeth, they may decide ignore the change, protest the change, maybe even try to sink the change efforts.

Don't let it get to this stage. It's too hard to turn them around!

Use proactive communication to achieve successful change

Identify your stakeholders at the start of the planning process. Be clear in your messaging. Keep them informed. 

Utilise the right communication tools for each audience.

Measure your success along the way - remember to be adaptable.

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Together we will work to keep your stakeholders engaged, informed and supportive of your change. 

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